Frequently Asked Questions

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AndelShop is an online vendor or store. It is made available for sellers who need a website for the push up of their businesses to use the service for the satisfaction of their purpose. For example, if you render the service of utilities or bill payment, AndelShop is here for you. Easily, you can create an online store for yourself where you sell your products or services

Yes, absolutely! Creating a vendor on AndelShop is totally free of charge without any trial or periodic subscription.

It is simple! We have provided you with the necessary guides to help you create a successful vendor on AndelShop. Simply refer to the link How it Works for help.

Yes, we have! AndelShop has made it simple for vendors. It has given an open subdomain. On creating an account, you are asked to input the name you feel best for your vendor. This name shall your vendor bear as subdomain to AndelShop. E.g:

Yes. But there are methods you must adopt to get this done. One of the methods is domain forwarding while other methods will be soon revealed as our technical experts are working that out. You can get your specific domain and simply use forwarding to refer your clients to your subdomain. Please, contact your domain provider for more help on this.

There is no limit to the longevity of your vendor. Your vendor is always available with us.

Yes, you can! But you can only earn income for yourself if you are AndelShop plugin, extension or theme developer.

Yes! The matter of feature inclusion relies on what you want to achieve with AndelShop. What AndelShop does for you is make the engine available. To add up flesh is your duty. Meanwhile, we have made also in place our stores (plugins and themes) where we expect vendors most questions on features to be answered. If you are creating a Utility or Bill payment website, we have developed a theme and plugin to handle that for you. All you have to do is install and do the easy configuration. However, if you wish to use any other plugin, you could contact any of AndelShop developers or your developer to relate with our plugin to help you develop yours.

If you remain unsatisfied with the themes we have made available, we will advise you contact any of AndelShop theme developers. They will help you on this matter on agreement.

All plugins and themes developed by AndelShop are labelled and given to you for free. For the themes, it is all free. However, for the plugins, sometimes, the whole features might not be given out for free. But be rest assured that 90% of the features in our plugins are free of charge while the 10% are given for token. Meanwhile, any plugin or theme created by thirdparty might not be free. The author has the right to decide that not us.

It is quite simple. Visit the license depot on your dashboard and generate license key yourself. While generating, you will be asked to choose payment mode. The payment methods available are Local Bank, Online Payment using paystack, and wallet payment. If you are using Local Bank, you need to deposit or transfer the fund bearing your vendor name and the license key last 4 characters